SINGHS ON WHEELS.COM is a travel blog by Sunil.

This is Sunil here! Welcome to Our stories are the ink, and we will write them for you. We are a family of four (Sunil, Babli, Trisha, and Shaurya). On this blog, you'll find stories about our family trips, solo trips, and trips with friends (Some Cool Dudes out there). I will also share my journey with my beloved car (Safari aka FatBoy) and some tips. Be sure to subscribe to my blog. C'mon, get on your wheels!

I am not a full-time blogger, rather this is my passion project. If you are wondering why you should be reading the blog, here are some reasons:

Join us for the stories we will bring to you. We will be covering

  • Travel tips for traveling in India, such as where to stay, what to eat, and how to get around

  • Reviews of family-friendly attractions and activities in India.

  • Personal stories of your family's travels around India.

  • Tips on how to stay safe and healthy while traveling with kids in India.

  • Inspirational stories of other families who have traveled to India with kids.

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